Immune Check

A travel companion that keeps a record of your vaccination, and keep you updated with real time alerts of local outbreaks.

How does it work

Tailored travel vaccinations

Based on your current vaccinations, Immune Check recommends vaccinations you require before travelling to any country in the world.

All vaccinations in one place

Keep track of vaccination records for the family. Immune Check keeps a record of all your vaccinations and alerts you of expiring ones.

Real-time alerts of outbreaks

Receive real-time alerts of local outbreaks, so you can keep having fun with a peace of mind.
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Amazing features that will keep you, and your family safe

Add your family members

Easily manage vaccination records
for the entire family.

Consult a doctor

Connect with a doctor through the app and 
get travel vaccination prescriptions.

Find nearest health clinic

We'll help you find the clinic nearest to you when 
you need vaccination.

Real-time global travel map

Don't know where to go? We'll show you travel
locations you can visit based on your current

Beautifully designed, easy navigation

We want Immune Check to be usable for everyone, from the tech savvy to the non tech savvy. Navigating through different features of the app is as easy as it gets.

Testimonials about Immune Check

Great potential in this project for the offshore oil and gas industry.
Michelle Simms
President and CEO
Genesis Centre
The health system doesn’t effectively track people’s immunizations, resulting in re-immunization to make certain the individual is protected; a huge waste of time and resources. The Immune Check app does what the health system can’t, resulting in better health outcomes for both the health system and the individual. The ultimate win-win scenario!
Sean O’Neill
HSIMS Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
Immune Check leverages sophisticated blockchain technology to address a travel medicine problem that transcends geographic boundaries. Immune Check will save me valuable clinic time while improving service delivery for my patients.
Dr. Andrew Smith
Memorial University

Press about Immune Check

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